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The Waters division and its brands, which include: Evian, Volvic, Badoit and Bonafont focuses on the importance of healthy hydration through natural water. Its strategy lies along five principal themes: health-related credibility, sustainable development, easy local access for consumers, productivity and organisation, especially of personnel. By reasserting its focus on well-known brands of water, and by highlighting water’s crucial role in the body’s functions, the Waters division is identifying products with high added value that are easy to drink, natural, and thirst quenching.


In the Middle East, the Danone Waters brands has a presence under Evian Volvic Export. The Middle East zone is the N1 zone of EVX with strong ambition and important potential of growth to exploit. Evian Volvic Export covers the following countries in the Middle East: Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Pakistan and Irak.
As part of Evian Volvic Worldwide – Danone Water Division, EVX operates with a unique business model: partnership with local distributors. EVX has the ambition to become the leader in the premium water segment worldwide within the markets we operate in, profitably and efficiently. We manage and develop three international brands: Evian, Volvic and Badoit in our geographies, through partnering and developing the business with 150 distributors. With operations in more than 110 countries (Russia, Middle East, Central Europe, South & North Europe, South America, Caribbean & DOM-TOM), EVX continues to strengthen its premium position through focusing its resources on top priority markets, while continuing to identify the key growth markets of the future. EVX is a unique, virtual, truly entrepreneurial and international organization. It is one of the most culturally diverse in Danone, with around 50 employees of 16 different nationalities located in 8 countries. EVX is also a ‘Talent Incubator’ giving the experience to all Danoner to develop their career path.


Evian, is a geological miracle born 8000 years ago in the heart of the French Alps.
It takes 15 years for evian water to filtrate down from the top of the Alps. The water catchment area is 35 sq.km protected from human pollution Evian’s unique purity and natural mineral balance. Evian water is the #1 brand of Natural Mineral Water in the world. Evian continuously nourishes its youthful spirit through innovation and creativity.


Volvic natural mineral water springs from the depth of French volcanoes. Natural filtration through six layers of volcanic rocks gives it a unique mineral composition.

Volvic is perfectly balanced and free of traces of pollution or additives. Volvic waters come from a powerful and bountiful natural environment. To protect this exceptional environment of 38 km² and preserve its incredible biodiversity, Volvic created a source protection committee to work hand in hand with local stakeholders. To respect the nature, only 15% of the naturally flowing Volvic water is bottled every year. In 2012, for the first time, Volvic launches its first renewable plant-based bottle. This greener bottle perfectly protects the volcanic natural mineral water inside, and is 100% recyclable.


Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water from the St. Galmier source in France, started in 1778. Badoit is the N°1 Sparkling Natural Mineral Water in France recommended for fine dining and is recommended by famous chefs worldwide. Badoit’s unique taste, combined with light, fine and delicate bubbles subtly awakens the flavors of fine foods.

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