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Medical Nutrition develops products that form an integral part of treatment protocols and help improve patient quality of life. Sold primarily in hospitals and pharmacies, these products are designed for the elderly and the sick, for children, and for patients with metabolic disorders. The division is gaining solid position in the Middle East by developing innovative new products for local markets. The key brands falling under the Nutricia brand name include: Infatrini, NutriDrink, Nutrison and SHS.

Nutricia’s and extensive product portfolio has been developed and tailored to address the unmet needs of patients across all age groups and in all care environments, to give healthcare professionals the scope to select nutritional options that are accurately targeted to support specific dietary management regimes and to enhance patient recovery.

Both in innovation in production and distribution, Nutricia has learned to be highly flexible, to match the many requirements and demands of regulators, opinion leaders, specialists and doctors, and to ensure delivery of the best possible clinical outcomes for patients. Nutricia focuses its attention to develop following product categories: Nutrition for Adults & Elderly. Paediatric Nutrition, Tube Nutrition & Medical Devices Metabolic Control

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