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Our Values

Our values reflect how we act as individuals in business, with each other and in the world around us. The Danone values are known as "HOPE".
  • Humanism is a sense of:
    Sharing: Being real to ourselves and others creates dialogue, transparency and teamwork.
    Responsibility: We pay careful attention to the safety of people and products, as well as nature and society.
    Respect for others: We are sensitive to cultural differences. We treat everyone with equal respect, and support the development of our business partners.
  • Openess is:
    Curiosity: Awareness of what to do today and proactively planning for the future. By rejecting tired, old ways of doing things, we open our mind to imaginative new ideas.
    Agility: Symbolizes our sense of vitality and energy, quickly responding to situations with flexibility and adaptability.
    Dialogue: Our style is informal and favours active listening and open discussion. We encourage debate and accept opposing views.
  • Proximity requires:
    Accessibility: We interact witch each other in an approachable and straightforward manner.
    Credibility: Be true to yourself and take responsibility for your actions.
    Empathy: Connect with customers, suppliers and consumers in a sincere way to build ties beyond buying and selling.
  • Enthusiasm means:
    Boldness: Free to think and act independently, we take intelligent risks and explore different new paths. We can confidently overcome mistakes.
    Passion: We work and lead with conviction. Work is a pleasure when we surpass expectations and achieve excellence.
    Appetite for challenge: Optimistic and energized, we are eager to grow and take the lead.

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