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Our Mission

The Danone mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible.

Fulfilling this mission is a major contributor to Danone’s continuous strong growth. The key to Danone’s evolving success story is our unique business vision: financial and social performance are inseparable. The Danone growth model is based on the “Dual Economic & Social Commitment” since 1972. The four levers for growth are: commitment to employees, health for customers, Danone for all, and renewal for the planet.
Antoine Riboud’s special place as a manager dedicated to human values, was secured in his landmark speech to business leaders in Marseille in 1972 when he stressed the importance of acting “with and through people.” This remains the foundation of Danone’s corporate culture.
“The company’s responsibility is not just limited to its factories or offices. Its actions are felt in the whole organisation. The jobs it provides affect the lives of the persons concerned. Their future and their children’s future depend on the possibilities for promotion that the company offers. Through the energy and raw materials it consumes, it alters the appearance of our planet. Growth should never be an end in itself, but a tool which, instead of reducing quality of life, should help to improve it. At the same time, to ensure quality of living implies company performance. A company without performance is a company without means; a managing director who does not focus his objective of economic performance is not a responsible managing director.”

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