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Danone is an international company 100% focused on healthy food and strongly committed to social and environmental responsibilities. Danone’s culture draws its roots from the belief that economic performance and devoting attention to society as a whole are intrinsically related. The group is the bearer of this dual economic and social project which has served as the basis for its development and has always been at the heart of its decisions, including the most difficult ones. Danone Group has its own policies on consistency and indicators that enable all CBU's to implement comprehensive strategy of sustainable development and measure its results.

The Danone Way Fundamentals encompass 16 Key Sustainable Practices in areas such as Human Rights, Human Relations, Environment, Consumers and Governance. In line with Danone’s culture, we have been supporting babies in the Middle East during these enduring times from Libya, Syria, and Egypt, and will continue to do so.

Safio gives back to the community

Safio is deeply committed to investing in and improving the lives of children. One of Safio’s initiatives is a program introduced in Saudi Arabian schools whereby kids have the opportunity to play their favorite sport, football, at an international level in the Danone Nations Cup.

Organised by Danone, this prestigious international footballing event features kids’ teams from 40 countries around the world. The global ambassador of this event is football superstar Zinedine Zidane. Safio aims to encourage kids to be healthier and develop their athletic talents. It organises an annual school football tournament for the kids of Saudi Arabia; and the winners get to represent Saudi Arabia at the Danone Nations Cup. This way, Safio gives kids an opportunity to invest in something beneficial for themselves and their country.

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The "dual economic and social project"

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